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About CCIRC — Cyber Crime Investigations & Research Center

CCIRC – Cyber Crime Investigation & Research Center, give the best in the digital forensic investigations. We have put our foot one-step forward in providing immediate, and cost-effective services and training programs.

A diversity of investigative services planned to provide the hassle-free investigation of desktop Operating Systems, mobile phones, email repositories, and storage media with an additional facility of reports in the legal format. Our services of Cyber Security are 101% confidential.

Our standard services of digital investigation are a class apart owing to years of proficiency. We provide Advanced Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics, etc. trainings to keep you totally secure from the Cyber Offenders. We ensure that we will give you trainings on all the latest technology as digital markets keep on rising.

Our Vision & Mission

The main mission is to grow more innovatively and develops new technologies providing large-scale improvement in arena of digital forensics. The team has decided to resolutely focus on implementation of efforts on solutions, which have not been presented in market yet. By progressively becoming pioneer of forensic training and service providing industry, we have made a pledge towards making cyberspace, a safer place to browse through.

To Converse & Conclude

A community to explore the ideas and innovations of young minds from across the country to come up with an accumulation beneficial towards the acting against Cybercrime.

To Secure India United

To become a channelized community spread across all parts of India, offering real-time handling, trainings, and investigation of cyber security invasion and threats.

Our Priorities

We believe in moral values and evaluate that there is no shortcut to higher professional services. We guarantee that working in the compliance with all forensically right practices to make sure that evidence spoliation does not comes up. This helps us in bringing out rightful findings that are based upon investigations that are achieved.

Why Us?

In this digitalization world, many Cyber Crimes are growing. Our technology as well as expertise will help you to stay secure in this Cyber world. We offer excellent Forensics Training and Services by utilizing our modern forensic equipment. We are proud that we help government agencies such as Central Bureau of Investigation. Not even this, we also provide:

  • Cyber Security & Digital Forensics Training for Investigative Officers to CCCI Noida.
  • We have tie-up with CBI, New Delhi, Delhi Police Cyber Wing, and Maharashtra Police Special Investigation Team for Cyber Crime Investigation.
  • Resolved various cases with Pune Police and MNCs of Pune.
  • Train various students of Government College of law.
  • We are associated with prestigious agencies of India like Insurance Tax Department, in terms of Digital Forensic Investigations covering Acquisition, Analysis, and Reporting.
  • We are in collaboration with various universities in pan India region like KRMU & other universities in terms of academic training, consultation, as well as investigative services.
  • We are actively into providing consultation services and training programs to Delhi Police Training Schools.
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