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In the era of Internet of Things, most end user activities are dependent on internet communication in some sort. There are various merits and demerits of using internet. Therefore, one should be aware of it by understanding its demerits properly. As Internet is also utilized by people who do not have good intentions all the time but also by people who intend to harass, harm, and activities of cyberbullying other people. By using Internet, one wants to be aware of good cyber ethics to defend themselves and others. Internet users have the proper right to utilize Internet securely and to set their own limits. One must be smart, responsible and safeguard themselves and their kids by monitor kids online as well as in real life.

Therefore, at CCIRC we have come up to provide complete cyber security awareness for parents program in a way to be secure in this Cyber world. As our main aim is to educate parents on the main areas- safety practicing, security and good cyber ethics while surfing Internet. Along with, doing online activities such as information retrieval, social networking, e-commerce, connecting with your dear once, etc.

  • We offer the following:  

    • Updated Information

    Our team of experts provides credible presentation, which covers up-to-date internet safety problems along with good cyber ethics session during our cyber security awareness for parents program. We use real life stories, videos, and images to communicate crucial lessons to the parents at all levels of online development which includes how to monitor kids online.

    • Tailored Sessions

    Each cyber security awareness for parents training session that we provide is tailor-made to your specific needs and current internet security concerns such as to monitor kids online and teaching them good cyber ethics. We take the key topics, audience size, and owed time into thought to design presentation, which will work for your community.

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Mr. Dhaval

Cyber Forensics Analyst

To find specific electronic data, such as images, Internet usage history, documents, and other files we deploy investigative methods using forensic tools. It helps detectives and other officials in analyzing and evaluating data of the case under investigation.

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