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About CCIRC — Cyber Crime Investigations & Research Center

CCIRC – Cyber Crime Investigation & Research Center, established in the year 2014 is India's first platform for investigation & research of Cyber Crime Cases in India.

A group of technical researchers, industry experts, and investigators have put forward the idea of introducing this; one of a kind platform with the aim of gradually abolishing Cyber crime. We are dedicated in safeguarding our nations cyber boundaries from data hackers and are actively building a ring of fire using our indigenous technologies.

Our Vision

To conduct a successful investigation and researches, on the rising unlawful activities involving computers & IT majority, leading to Computer Crime, Cyber Terrorism, and Internet Fraud.


To Gather & Encourage

A campaign inviting all the world class; hackers, cyber security operators, technocrats, cyber security specialists, security analysts and other top guns of the related field.

To Converse & Conclude

A community to explore the ideas and innovations of young minds from across the country to come up with an accumulation beneficial towards the acting against cyber crime.

To Secure India United

To become a channelized community spread across all parts of India, offering real time handling and investigation of cyber security invasion & threats.


Looking at the current figure of cyber crime occurring in different parts of India CCIRC plans to turn the tables around. Cities, contributing to 70% of the countries IT revenue also contributing to 90% of the countries cyber crime figures as well.

CCIRC is a futuristic approach with a vision towards preparing India, to shield itself and, withstand catastrophic consequences of Cyber crime !


On joining us, after attaining successful involvement into the research and investigation of certain number of cases, you will be certified by CCIRC for the same.

Help Us Build A Fear Free Cyber World For Tomorrow

A World Class Opportunity To Terminate Cybercrime & Contribute To Cyber Forensics