Cyber Forensics Lab Setup

CCIRC gives a host services for Cyber Forensics Lab setup, every suitable at varied stages of your company of Cyber maturity. We have a Team of experts ranging from the Forensic Investigators, Data Scientist, Ethical Hackers, Analysts, Business Intelligence, and several Forensic Technologies to make higher-partner of choice. All the cases related to cloud forensics, multimedia, android forensics etc. can be easily undertaken as well as examined with help of our fully equipped Cyber Forensics Lab.

We provide all the support you need to set up a cyber lab. Along with that, we offer top-notch hardware, software, and training. These essential components help in the analysis of evidence found on hard drives, RAM, and circuits.

Hardware provides the necessary support to handle cybersecurity activities.

  • Mobile Data Acquisition Hardware Kit: The data acquisition starter kits provide incredible data collection power.
  • Routers, Switches, and Network Monitoring Devices: These types of equipment help build a robust network infrastructure which further helps in simulating network attacks.
  • Write Blockers: This hardware allows data to be read from the storage device. However, it prevents any written commands from reaching the device.
  • High-performance Processors: High-processing CPUs and GPUs ensure that optimal performance and productivity are attained.
  • Tableau: This helps in creating forensic images and duplicating these for several simultaneous investigations.

The right set of software in a cyber lab enables effective analysis, monitoring, simulation, and collaboration. Here is a list of software we offer.

  • Data Acquisition Software (Such as FTK imager, MailXaminer, etc.)
  • Website Dump Tools
  • Data Recovery Software
  • Data Carving Software
  • Database Forensics Tool
  • Malware Analysis Software
  • DVR Examiner (Useful in examining the CCTV footage)

Training is a crucial component of cyber lab setup. It provides individuals with the information, expertise, and practical experience they need to comprehend and effectively manage cyber threats.

Keeping that in mind, we provide training related to cyber crime investigation and web defacement which proves to be helpful in many aspects.

  • Understand complex concepts
  • Stay updated with the latest attack vectors
  • Get familiar with new defense strategies
  • Gain hands-on experience (helps in developing practical skills)
  • Enhance technical skills


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Mr. Gaurav Shekhat

Cyber Forensics Analyst

Mr. Shekhat is a well-versed cyber expert. He has years of experience in establishing cyber forensics lab setup. He understands the importance of a secure digital environment. Thus, implements his skill in setting up the infrastructure of the cyber lab using a wide variety of cybersecurity tools to make the digital space a better place.


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