Cyber Lab on Wheels

For building a safe and secure world, CCIRC has launched a service, i.e. Cyber Lab on Wheels. It helps the investigators to perform an investigation to resolve the specific case. We have a young expert team that comes at the crime scene and perform the investigation accordingly.

There are some benefits of having CCIRC Cyber Lab on Wheels as stated:

  • Incident Response
    We at CCIRC actively respond to the security incidents. We handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. We develop a proven Cyber Security Incident Response Plan and train the trainer via a real-world exercise.
  • Quality Assurance
    We assure the quality of our work while performing the investigation on the crime scene. We use our own solutions along with the proper techniques to investigate and at the end provide you with a proper report.
  • Use Modern Techniques
    We utilize all the modern tools and techniques to investigate the criminal activity. We ensure the quality along with quantity and give you the best result while investigating.

  • Computer Forensics
    Computer forensics is an application of investigation as well as analysis ways to collect and preserve evidence from the specific computing device in a way, which is appropriate for presentation in court of law.
  • Database Forensics
    Database Forensics (DBF) is the field of digital forensic investigation, which addresses database contents and its Metadata. We follow the complete procedure to identify, detect, acquire, analyze, and reconstruct the database incidents. Along with this, reveal the origin of malfunction or intruder’s activities.
  • Mobile Forensics
    Mobile Device Forensics is a branch of the digital forensics relating to retrieval of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under the forensically sound conditions. However, it can also be related to any of the digital devices that have both internal memory and communication ability with PDA devices, GPS devices, and tablet computers. The forensic process for mobile devices largely matches the other branches of digital forensics such as seizure, acquisition, and examination/analysis.
  • Email Forensics
    Email forensic is used to study the source as well as the content of email message as evidence, identifying the real recipient, sender, date, time of transmission, etc. All these are very useful in an investigation if the authenticity of an email is ever taken into question. Email clients and servers are full of database applications, contact managers, complete with document sources, time managers, calendars, etc. might be forensically accessed. Deleting or removing emails do not mainly mean that it is gone forever. Emails can be extracted forensically even after deletion.
  • Cloud Forensics
    Cloud forensics has been provided to help forensic examiners to find potential evidence against the cloud criminal activities. It maintains data security and integrity of information stored in the cloud.
  • Multimedia Forensics
    We give you complete service to get an evidence from CCTV any digital video, images of any format, etc. We offer transparent Multimedia Forensics service.

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Mr. Dhaval

Cyber Forensics Analyst

As a cybersecurity expert and outstanding instructor, Mr. Dhaval demonstrates a deep understanding of the subject. With proactive security mindset, emphasizing the significance of ongoing monitoring, threat intelligence, and continuous improvement, he has proven to solve complex cases.


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